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Who are we?

Founded in 1995, AXELLE is a textile manufacturer specializing in high-value added products for women's and children's ready-to-wear and accessories. We collaborate with the most prestigious French luxury houses, meticulously respecting every detail of their creative visions.

Rooted in the artisanal traditions of Madagascar, AXELLE embodies a cultural heritage that has been faithfully transmitted and enriched across generations. Our artisans, guardians of these ancient techniques, combine this know-how with cutting-edge technical mastery, demonstrating that tradition and technological innovation are essential pillars of quality and excellence.

With a team of 500 professionals, we produce nearly 500,000 high-quality pieces each year, in line with our commitments. Precise and attentive, our teams offer personalized support to adapt to the specific needs of each client.

Madagascar: a treasure of craftsmanship and cultural heritage 

Madagascar, an island of abundant riches, is a melting pot of culture and exceptional craftsmanship. For centuries, this island has nurtured a unique art of craftsmanship. These ancestral arts, passed down from generation to generation, constitute a real heritage treasure that tells the story and identity of the Malagasy people.

Embroidery: the art of  expressing  emotions

Embroidery is an ancient art in Madagascar that dates back to the time of the first kingdoms. Born in the lap of Nosy Be, women with skillful hands began to embroider narratives on fabrics representing their daily lives. Embroidery thus became an art form; it transformed into a language of stories and emotions, rooted in the intimacy of homes and the conviviality of communities.

The excellence of crochet and lace in Madagascar

A Unique Know-How The introduction of crochet and lace to the island by the first missionaries in the 19th century marked the beginning of a new era for Malagasy craftsmanship. Malagasy women quickly made these techniques their own, enriching them with their creativity and unique know-how, defining a touch of authenticity unique to the island.

Through practice and mastery, these skills have evolved over the years as a strong ancestral heritage deeply embedded in Madagascar's cultural heritage.

SINCE 1995

AXELLE  is  reflecting  a heritage passed down for generations

t is in this rich and abundant context that AXELLE finds its essence. By recounting these skills, we tell the story of AXELLE, its artisans, and its traditions.

As an heir to these ancestral techniques, AXELLE aims to be an ambassador of the richness and beauty of Malagasy craftsmanship. Since its inception, AXELLE's mission has been to perpetuate these skills while combining tradition and modernity to meet the highest demands of its clients.
« Our mastery of these ancient skills is a reflection of our cultural identity. It is a gift from Madagascar that we are proud to share with the world… »
Arnaud Maisonobe,
Chairman of AXELLE

Our values
« At AXELLE, we live our values every day. In every moment, with each of our colleagues, in every one of our actions. »