Our rigour, quality and respect of deadlines to fully satisfy you

Precision, quality and respect of deadlines are the backbone of our commitment so as to fully satisfy our customers. We honour your set of values and join you as trustworthy partners.

We are totally committed to quality management and are always striving to achieve excellence in both our production and organisation.
Emphasis is placed on socially-responsible production based on an ethical course of action. We are able to measure on a daily basis the benefits of our sustainable development approach.

All the teams are devoted to maintaining a favourable atmosphere of mutual respect. Special care is given to the working conditions of our employees and the environment which is pleasant and re-energizing.

Much consideration is given to the development of the human capital and we make a point of accompanying each employee in the constant improving of their careers by upgrading their skills.

Our human resources policy

With an average 9-year seniority, we are proud of our ability to attract and retain our employees. A forward-looking employment and skills program is under implementation in order to involve and give access to a motivating and adapted career path for our employees.

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The Human Resources Department has made an objective selection based on the skills and potential of all the employees. Recruitment is made in villages not far from the company so as to favour local economy and access to jobs in remote areas. We privilege promotions from within and most of our executives come from inside the company. Most of the senior positions are held by women. This mobility is both horizontal and vertical and contributes to motivating the staff.


The company contributes to the Malagasy Fund for Professional Training in order to develop each employee’s skills. For unqualified employees, the training is in-house. This favours hiring new staff and the promotion of a population usually disadvantaged on the job market. In 2019, 796 hours of training were given by external trainers.

An evaluation system of the personnel

This is part of a management by objectives approach and gives meaning to each person in charge who can then propose more global actions on a daily basis.

Coaching and manager assistance

This applies to all levels in collaboration with an international office.
The main goals are to improve the ability to take perspective, team-work, take on new responsibilities, gain autonomy, and reinforce management skills.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

We have adopted a responsible and committed approach when carrying out different actions that aim at improving the relations and working conditions of our employees, as well as favouring human rights, promoting ethical behaviour, and achieving sound management of the company. At the same time we also take into account our clients’ and consumers’ expectations.

Remark: our pictures were taken before the health measures imposed by the Convid-19 virus

Decent wages for our employees

The wages are above the minimum imposed by the government.
Overtime is limited as to safeguard a balance between work and family for our employees.

A daily meal guaranteed for each employee.

The company’s cafeteria provides a meal a day for all employees.

Members of CNAPS (the National Social Security Funds) and the OSTIE ( Tananarivo’ s Inter-company Health Agency)

All our employees are members of CNAPS (the National Social Security Fund) and pay dues to OSTIE (The Inter-Company Health Agency of Tananarivo).
Axelle has set up a health service on the work premises that includes a doctor, a midwife, a chemist who distributes medication. All of Axelle’s employees and their families benefit from this service in addition to the employees working in companies located in surrounding villages. Up to 20 or 30 people are assisted every day.

A system of financial assistance for employees in need

A health care mutual exists and indemnifies employees in case of emergency. For example, hospitalisation, training, death of a relative, or property damage.

Nursing room for mothers: the lactarium

This service allows mothers to continue breast-feeding during their work day and keep their children close by for their first year.

Free transportation service provided by the company

The company organises the transportation of employees who live several kilometres away from their workplace using a private bus service.

Face masks donated to protect against the convid-19 virus

Axelle is mobilized during the pandemic that affects the Malagasy population. It has voluntarily produced and delivered:

  • 13,300 masks to surrounding districts
  • 6,500 children’s masks to the Presidency of the Republic of Madagascar
  • 2,500 masks to the town of Tamatave

School visits to the workshops

The factory regularly welcomes school classes to visit and discover trades and employees skills.

Taking part in financing nearby school classes

Aid operations and local support such as financing classes in the schools located nearby the company.

Providing banking services to employees

The company has implemented a plan to provide banking services to employees in order to secure payment.

Water recovery system

A water recovery system is part of our environmental approach and enables us to maintain the company’s garden.


Axelle is committed to not discriminating in hiring and all facets of employment. Our decision to hiring is based solely on the person’s ability to perform their job and is not based on race, national origin, gender, religion, age, disabilities, marital status, parent status, sexual preference, political belief, membership to an association or trade union.
We provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants at all stages in the employment process including hiring, recruitment, training opportunities, benefits, promotion, change of position, disciplinary actions, and lay-off.
We are proud of respecting gender balance and facilitating job access to women who are often disfavoured in this area: the number of woman executives is 54% with the same percentage in our workshops. 41% of our workforce is under 35 years of age and 36% between 36 and 45 while 23% are over 46.
The company is committed to not hiring under age employees and is very careful when hiring. We forbid all forms of forced labour, each employee must read and approve the contract when they are hired.

A work environment is in a rural location

Far from the pollution and congestion of the city, employees can rest during breaks in a garden with geese and guinea fowls, and 4 or 5 beehives.
There are trees and an environment full of flowers that improve their working conditions.