Our value-added workshops,
our experience and passion for textures,
at the service of your collections

We are by your side to help you achieve your dreams and create your finest collections. We have the skillfulness required by the most prestigious fashion houses to achieve the refinement, movement, precision and elegance they embody.

Your highly demanding orders need our technical skills, meticulous finishes, and our creativeness.

Our workers know all the secrets of diaphanous materials, know how to work with delicate and fragile fabrics, know how to bring soft and light clothing to life. No matter what fabric, be it cotton, silk, satin, velvet or corduroy , crepe, wool, taffetas, linen, sequins, mesh or knit …. our garments demonstrate our experience and passion for all kinds of textures.

During the entire creation process we apply our unique experience in Malagasy embroidery and sewing skills that we marry with cutting-edge technology, effective production tools and innovations.

Because we are always eager to carry out your current and future projects with expertise, our embroiders, assemblers and workers in general receive continual training in the latest technologies and work with a technological platform that is constantly brought up to date.

Not only do we carefully listen to your requests but we are also capable of proposing solutions to enable you to finalize your projects.

Hand-made embroidery

In Madagascar, embroidery skills have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. In our embroidery workshop, our embroiders work with passion, precision and refinement making a large range of stitches  which we like to blend with beads, sequins and ribbons.


Smocking is an even more delicate operation than embroidery and comes from an ancestral and family know-how in Madagascar. This craftsmanship is upgraded by solid training provided in our workshops.

Embroidery machines

Thanks to our mastery of punching embroidery and our ultra-precise 96-head Barudan embroidery machines, we are able to adapt ourselves to your needs from the most classic to the most complex ones whether it is english embroidery, inserting sequins or cords ….

We care about details as much as our clients. And we give special care to all our finishings so as to satisfy your requirements.


Assembling or sewing a number of different pieces together is a very specific technique. We are experts in handling unusual materials like rhodoid, feathers, mesh, beads, rhinestones, raffia to bring to life your innovating  outfits or fashion accessories.